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Come visit our adult day center at Hamden, Connecticut! We serve seniors and older adults through our Adult Day Services in Hamden, Connecticut.

Expect a warm and welcoming atmosphere when you walk into our facility. It is not just a place where you go to and wait for hours to pass. It is a place where you receive professional care from caregivers who provide genuine services for your well-being. We make each day count.

Here are the different services that we offer:

Nursing Services
Nursing Care is provided through a structured and individualized program. Depending on the needs of the senior, a care plan will be established with respect to the level of attention or supervision that is appropriate for the senior’s health situation.
Therapeutic Recreation
We have a line-up of therapeutic activities that have been developed to enhance the mental and physical functioning of our seniors at Clelian Center. We find ways to keep our attendants active and fit.
Does your loved one need bathing assistance? We can provide that at Clelian Center. We also help them with dressing, shaving, brushing, and other personal hygiene tasks.
Podiatry and Hair Care
You can even say we take care of everything from head to foot at Clelian Center. We offer podiatry services and hair care. Occasionally, we invite a hairdresser to doll-up the ladies and a barber to give haircuts for the gentlemen. Upon request, a podiatrist can drop by on selected days of the week for consultations and follow-up checks.
Dietary Services
Our diet and eating habits can definitely influence our health. We have a nutritionist on-site to provide meal planning, diet consultations, and nutrition assessments.
Pastoral Care
It’s easy to see the need for physical care, but it takes compassion to see that another person needs emotional support. At Clelian Center, we offer pastoral care services in the form of one-on-one counseling or bereavement assistance. We don’t just care for your health physically, we are equally concerned about your emotional and mental health too.
Family Counseling
Upon request, we can arrange for group consultations or family counseling/therapy sessions. Clelian Center has counselors on staff who can organize these family counseling conferences.
Education and Support for the Caregiver
If you are your loved one’s caregiver at home, you will find someone who understands your challenges when you visit Clelian Center. We are caregivers ourselves and we know that you need just as much support as your senior loved one does. Visit us and talk to one of our counselors. We offer caregiver education, helpful resources, and emotional support.
You don’t need to worry about having to drive your senior loved one to and from Clelian Center. We offer safe and comfortable transportation for all our attendants. We see to it that everyone who wishes to join our activities has the means to do so. Transportation is provided by the Greater New Haven Transit District as well as family members of Clelian Center Members. Our staff arranges all the rides for the Transit Van. The days and times are decided by the family. Please talk to our staff about transportation schedules that are currently in place.

Adult Day Services in Hamden, Connecticut