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Music: One of the Best Remedies for Seniors

Music: One of the Best Remedies for Seniors

Time and time again, music has been proven to improve one’s mood, relieve stress, and possess a calming effect on an individual. Studies have shown that music is associated with our emotions as well as our memories.

Listening to music can actually improve quality of life and boost happiness. As a provider of adult day services in Hamden, Connecticut, we have compiled a list of other scientifically-proven benefits that music has on seniors:

  • Improves memory recall and enhances communication among older adults especially those who have lost their ability to speak.
  • Creates positive changes in one’s emotional state as music fosters good mood and reduces anxiety.
  • Encourages continuous physical movement through the rhythm of the music thus increasing mobility and coordination.
  • Promotes socialization with others as music empowers people to open up and emerge from their inner self and share their feelings.

Music and dance is part of everyday at Clelian Center, a ministry of the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

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